YUNZII x JAMESDONKEY RS2 Gasket Keyboard Kit
YUNZII x JAMESDONKEY RS2 Gasket Keyboard Kit
YUNZII x JAMESDONKEY RS2 Gasket Keyboard Kit
YUNZII x JAMESDONKEY RS2 Gasket Keyboard Kit
YUNZII x JAMESDONKEY RS2 Gasket Keyboard Kit
YUNZII x JAMESDONKEY RS2 Gasket Keyboard Kit


YUNZII x JAMESDONKEY RS2 Gasket Keyboard Kit

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Color:Beige (White backlight)
  • Shockproof Gasket Pro Design.
  • Customized 99-key layout.
  • Triple connectivity modes.
  • Multimedia function knob.
  • Hot-swappable design.
  • Full-key conflict-free operation.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Supports both Mac and Windows systems with seamless switching.
  • Bright white backlight, RGB backlight.
  • 3000mAh high-capacity battery.
Technical Specifications
  • No. Of Keys: 99.
  • Color: Beige, Rosy
  • Structure: Gasket Mounted.
  • Material: ABS+PC Chassis.
  • Battery Capacity: 3000mAh.
Complete Connectivity with Triple-Connection Modes

The RS2 mechanical keyboard kit offers you full connectivity where you can connect it with different devices using the latest Bluetooth, Wireless 2.4GHz, and Wired USB Type-C connectivity. The keyboard kits support a variety of devices including both Mac and Windows operating systems.

Shock-proof Gasket Pro Design

The RS2 mechanical keyboard kit has a suspension system, and a gasket pro internal structure for shockproof stabilized user operation. The Gasket Pro technology is based on the Gasket technology where the kit positioning plate is connected on to the chassis with high-performance support and rebound material. It effectively absorbs the vibrations produced while typing on the kit. You get to experience excellent performance with stabilized user operation. The RS2 mechanical keyboard kit has used a high-quality FR4 glass fiber material positioning plate for smoother operation.

Specially Designed 99-Key Layout with Multimedia Knob

The RS2 mechanical keyboard kit features an easy-to-use one-turn control multimedia knob. The knob has a unique circular design, it can be used to adjust the volume on the go with ease.

Silencing Padded Structure Design

Using noise-canceling cotton. And shaft pads, the RS2 mechanical keyboard kit brings a double-layered sound-absorbing silencing structure into the empty spaces inside the kit greatly reducing the cavity sound and providing a solid feeling.

Hot-Swappable Design

The RS2 mechanical keyboard kit features a hot-swappable design. All the switches can be easily replaced by simply pulling the old ones out and pushing the new ones in. It is compatible with both 3-pin and 5-pin switches making the kit compatible with most switches available in the market.

High-Capacity Rechargeable Battery

The RS2 mechanical keyboard kit has featured a large 3000mAh battery on the RS2. It provides an extended battery life of up to 4 weeks on a single charge.

Note: The Beige Keyboard Kit has only one white light effect.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Claire M
Amazing lightweight gasket build

I bought the RS2 kit for a silent office build, and I am really pleased with how it came out, I get lots of compliments at work! The stabs were smooth and made no sound from the box, the board looks really clean, and I've had no issues with it! The case is completely plastic so it's very light weight, which is something to keep in mind if you care. I really like that it has flip out rubber risers on the back.
I put lubed silent boba U4s inside and used the yunzii birch keycap set and it feels and looks great and is incredibly quiet, but I can't speak for the sound if you're looking for thock or clack.

Thomas Reuss

YUNZII x JAMESDONKEY RS2 Gasket Keyboard Kit



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