YUNZII Mystery Box - Handmade Artisan Keycap


YUNZII Mystery Box - Handmade Artisan Keycap

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  • Handmade Artisan Keycap Mystery Box

  • Quantity: 4 pcs

  • Clay / Resin Material

  • The handmade keycap will fit any mechanical keyboards. Get one set and make it all work. It is a good choice for you to DIY your gaming setup.

  • The handmade artisan keycap is a wonderful and special gift, perfectly matching with keyboard. Very unique and stylish as accessories of a keyboard.

  • Since the keycaps are handmade, each one cannot be exactly the same, perfectionists should be careful.

Note: Each blind box is randomly arranged. 

Please add this to your cart when you check out with other products.

The mystery box cannot be purchased separately, it must be purchased with other products. Buying 2 mystery boxs ia acceptable.

Items cannot be returned/refunded for non-quality reasons.  

You can note your favorite keycap when you checkout. We can't ensure you that the mystery box will be the one you noted, but it will improve the possibility.



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Customer Reviews

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Sent the wrong Keycap, have removed listing since.

I'm pretty sure they don't actually send out anything in these mystery boxes except pawprints. They sent me a pawprint one that wasn't even listed in the possible options. They did refund the difference when I pointed it out, so good on Yunzii for making it right, but I would have much rather preferred to get what I ordered. They've since changed this listing to remove the possible options. You'll get pawprints. One star for the quality of the keycap, and one star for the refund.

It is what it is

Got the paw prints, different colors, they're nice to the touch and work great

Free shipping

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