YUNZII Mint Keycap Set
YUNZII Mint Keycap Set
YUNZII Mint Keycap Set
YUNZII Mint Keycap Set
YUNZII Mint Keycap Set
YUNZII Mint Keycap Set
YUNZII Mint Keycap Set
YUNZII Mint Keycap Set


YUNZII Mint Keycap Set

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PBT Keycaps

The YUNZII keycap Set delivers in quality with ultra-durable PBT plastic whose legends will never wear away. Compared to ABS material, PBT is less common and feel textures and more more durable. It's dry and not easy to get oily.

Dye Sublimation Technique

As to ensure the impressive color scheme and enjoyable typing experience, the YUNZII keycap applies high quality PBT dye-sublimation technology. The Dye-Sub PBT keycaps enhances the overall durability with water and dust resistance.

XDA Profile

XDA profile is lower than Cherry profile and OEM profile.The top surface is much broader than common ones. It is more comfortably pressed that can reduce the distance the fingers need to stretch to reach each key.

Full Compatibility with Layouts and MX switches

This keycap set has 120 keycaps and will fit most standard size keyboard, like 21/61/64/68/84/87/96/98/104/108 and fullsize mechanical keyboard and keyboards with "+" cherry mx Key switches. It is a good choice for you to custom keyboard. Also a ideal gift for keyboard player.

Note: Package only included keycaps and 1 keycap puller. Spacebar Size: 6.25u.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Pretty awesome key cap

I had yunzii numpad already loved the key cap and bought this full layout

Nice keycaps

Nice keycaps. Hopefully will buy another keycaps set. It will be very nice if the mystery box will not the same keycaps set that have already bought, maybe the store can looking it from previous purchased record.

Alora Parker
Mint Keycaps

I love these keycaps! I got them for a sky blue board and they’re perfect! They’re great quality for an amazing price! Will definitely be getting more sets.

Karen Cook
Beautiful with some flaws

I absolutely love the feeling of the XDA profile. The keycaps are nice and thick but there is one, possible manufacturing flaw? The alt key to the right of the space bar on my 65% profile keyboard touches the space bar. It grinds against it and gets a little stuck. I replaced this key with one of the extras and it helped a little, but I think it’s still too close to the alt key. I love this keycap set but can’t get past my space bar being interfered with

Annabel Hii
Looks Great, Performs Okay

It's alright. Looks really good but the bottom of the caps are not very well made. Does have quite a deep sound and I like it a lot. If you are not fussy about the quality of the bottom of the keycaps, I suggest you get them.
Also, the XDA profile slowed me down quite a lot



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