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Q: Why we need to lube switch?

A:The lube switch in a mechanical keyboard refers to the application of lubricant to the key switch mechanism. The purpose of lubricating the key switches is to reduce friction, noise and improve the overall feel of the keystroke. By applying a lubricant, the key switch can move more smoothly and with less resistance, which can lead to a better typing experience.

Q: What's difference between factory lubrication and DIY switch lubrication?

A:Some keyboard enthusiasts prefer to lube their switches for a more customized feel, while others find that the factory lubrication is sufficient. It depends on the typing feel you prefer.

Q: Which kind of lube we use?
A:Lube the switches and stabilizers: gpl105+gpl205 mix.

Q: Which parts we lube?
A: Spring: overall lubrication, Stem: around the stem, Stem legs.

Q: Shipping time?
A: All the custom service need to wait 1-2 weeks before shipping. We will send you email  when we shipped.

Q: What I need to do if I want to lube my switches?
If you're purchasing switches with us, add this as an add-on option in your cart for each switch you want to be lubricated.

If you're purchasing pre-built keyboard with us, add this as an add-on option in your cart. Then, we will open your keyboard and lube its switches, then build these switches and original keycaps on your keyboard. Then you will receive a pre-lubed keyboard.

We can not build the keyboard without the switches! If you do not choose or add the switches or pre-built keyboard in the cart, we will ship the kit/keyboard without assemble/lube directly. If you have any specific requirements, please send us email We will reply you in 48 hours. You can also contact us in our Discord Group.

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