Switch Gold Plated Springs Replacement Service

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Q: What is gold plated springs replacement service:

Gold-plated springs in a mechanical keyboard serve the same basic purpose as other springs in the keyboard - to provide a certain level of resistance, or tactile feedback, when a key is pressed. The key actuation point is the point at which a keypress is registered. The amount of force needed to reach the actuation point, and the amount of force needed to bottom out the key (press it all the way down) can be influenced by the springs in the keyboard.

Q: Why we need to change the switches with gold plate plated springs?

The key difference between gold-plated springs and other types of springs is the material used. Gold is a very conductive material, so it helps to ensure that signals are transmitted without interference or signal loss. This can result in a more stable and reliable typing experience, particularly when the keyboard is used for extended periods of time. However, the actual benefits of using gold-plated springs over other materials can vary depending on the specific keyboard and how it is designed.

In some cases, gold-plated springs are also seen as a premium upgrade. Some users may choose to replace their springs with gold-plated springs simply because they like the look.

Q: Shipping time?
A: All the custom service need to wait 1-2 weeks before shipping. We will send you email  when we shipped.

1. This product is only applicable to those who have also purchased the Switch Lube Service.
2. Box switches don't support replacing the springs.
3. This Spring Replacement Service does not include Switch Lube Service.

We can not build the keyboard without the switches! If you do not choose or add the switches or pre-built keyboard in the cart, we will ship the kit/keyboard without assemble/lube directly. If you have any specific requirements, please send us email We will reply you in 48 hours. You can also contact us in our Discord Group.

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