YUNZII VN66 Otter Mechanical Keyboard
YUNZII VN66 Otter Mechanical Keyboard
YUNZII VN66 Otter Mechanical Keyboard
YUNZII VN66 Otter Mechanical Keyboard
YUNZII VN66 Otter Mechanical Keyboard
YUNZII VN66 Otter Mechanical Keyboard
YUNZII VN66 Otter Mechanical Keyboard
YUNZII VN66 Otter Mechanical Keyboard
YUNZII VN66 Otter Mechanical Keyboard
YUNZII VN66 Otter Mechanical Keyboard


YUNZII VN66 Otter Mechanical Keyboard

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PRODUCT:VN66 Keyboard
SWICTH:Gateron G Pro Yellow Switch

YUNZII VN66 Wireless 65% Hot Swappable RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, 2.4Ghz/Wired/Bluetooth Keyboard with Cherry PBT Keycaps, Knob Control for Mac/Win/Linux

65% Hot Swappable Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
The VN66 is a hot-swappable mechanical keyboard. You can custom the keyboard and change the keyboard switches with other 3 or 5-pin switches easily. With 66- keys and 1 metal knob, the 65% layout of the VN66 keyboard offers both typing comfort and multi-functions.
Gasket-like Structure & Foam Dampeners & Pre-lubed Stabilizer
 As to give the keyboard a better typing feeling and sound, the VN66 takes gaskets on the edges of the bottom case. For the keyboard's structure, there are 2 layers of EVA dampening foam that are fully utilized in this model. The stabilizers are pre-lubed.
Tri-Mode Connection
The upgraded VN66 has Bluetooth 5.1,2.4 GHz and USB Type- C connections. For the wireless option, the keyboard has Bluetooth and 2.4GHz, and the polling rate can be up to 1000hz with 2.4GHz. Equipped with a 2200mAh battery, this keyboard has a long time battery life that can work for 3 weeks for 1 time full charging. The detachable USB C cable can work as a charging and wired connection.
Otter Theme Dye-Sub PBT Keycaps in Cherry Profile
As to ensure an impressive color scheme and enjoyable typing experience, the VN66 keyboard takes Otter theme PBT Dye Sub keycaps in Cherry profile. The keycap is more durable, anti-fade, oil-resistant, and stays true to color longer.
Package included: keyboard, keyboard cable, 2.4G wireless receiver, extra novelty keycaps, keycaps and switch puller, manual. 
Macro recording &Customized RGB effects & Metal Knob
The keyboard has fully programmable RGB LEDs, and 16.8 Million Color combinations. With the SMD LEDs, RGB light effects are classic and adjustable. With the custom software, you can customize the RGB effects massive lighting effects, and macro settings. The metal knob's default function is to adjust the volume. You can also easily program it to other functions such as RGB lightness. 
For the VN66 Keyboard Kit:
 The Upgraded VN66 keyboard kit has no switches and keycaps on the package. Package included: Upgraded VN66 keyboard Kit with Brass plate, keycap, and switch puller, 2.4G receiver, keyboard cable) 
In an effort to offer even more customization, we upgrade the VN66 kit with a brass plate. The aluminum brass provides a good balance of stiffness and flexibility to complement most switches. (ONLY the upgraded VN66 Keyboard kit comes with a BRASS plate!!!  Compared to standard VN66, The keyboard kit has no switches and keycaps)
  1. The fully Assemble VN66 Keyboard takes a standard Iron plate. ONLY the upgraded VN66 Keyboard kit comes with a BRASS plate!!! 
  2. VN66 keyboard kit has no switches and keycaps. 
  3.  The VN66's top row (F row) is designed with north-facing LEDs, other rows are with south-facing LEDs. This is not any defect, and we won't accept returns because of this reason. 



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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
haymar oo

YUNZII VN66 Wireless Hot Swappable RGB Knob Mechanical Keyboard

Kaitlin Javier
Absolutely Smooth and Low-Noise

Just like what the others have said, it did take a month-ish to get to my doorstep, but I think it was kind of worth it. I just wish it would be at least a bit quicker.

I used to have a Cherry MX Brown switch keyboard from ASUS ROG that was wired. Every time I typed on it, it was clicky and noisy. So, I decided I wanted to check out Yunzii's keyboard and the VN66 keyboard was interesting and within my budget. First of all, I didn't know how the Crystal Pink switches would sound like. But once I got my hands on this specific keyboard, I INSTANTLY fell in love. I love how it's still clicky but NOT AS A LOUD. It's muted to an extent. I'm not much of a keyboard expert, but maybe the Crystal Pink switch's sensitivity to force caught me by surprise. I pressed down on a key one time ever so slightly, and it was registered as an actual press. But I am getting a bit used to it. I highly recommend this keyboard. I have no complaints. Just all praise. Am In love with this.

Loving it so far

Shipping took around 4 weeks which was a shame, but the keyboard itself is pretty amazing! With crystal pink switches it's seriously thocky straight out of the box. Great deal!

Vicky Lee
Love the keyboard!

Took about three weeks to get it but if came very safely (wrapping was awesome) and I’m loving my keyboard + using it right now! Thanks for a great product!!!!

Great keyboard and customer service

I got the upgraded brass VN 66 and it is amazing out of the box! I added my own switches and keycaps, without any problems. Yunzii support is super helpful and accomodating!

Free shipping

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