YUNZII KC84S Graphite Blue 84-Key Hotswap Wireless Mechanical Keyboard
YUNZII KC84S Graphite Blue 84-Key Hotswap Wireless Mechanical Keyboard
YUNZII KC84S Graphite Blue 84-Key Hotswap Wireless Mechanical Keyboard
YUNZII KC84S Graphite Blue 84-Key Hotswap Wireless Mechanical Keyboard
YUNZII KC84S Graphite Blue 84-Key Hotswap Wireless Mechanical Keyboard
YUNZII KC84S Graphite Blue 84-Key Hotswap Wireless Mechanical Keyboard
YUNZII KC84S Graphite Blue 84-Key Hotswap Wireless Mechanical Keyboard
YUNZII KC84S Graphite Blue 84-Key Hotswap Wireless Mechanical Keyboard


YUNZII KC84S Graphite Blue 84-Key Hotswap Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

Sale price$99.00 USD
Switch:Gateron Blue Switch

5.0 Bluetooth Wireless

The KC84S Graphite Blue utilizes bluetooth 5.0 and a rechargeable 2700mAh built-in battery that can last up to 124 hours in wireless connection. You can easily connect with different systems or devices by pressing FN+Q/W/E. Included detachable USB-C cable can be used in wired mode, meet different connection needs.

Hotswappable Gateron Switch

Hotswappable Gateron switch of KC84 Graphite Blue can be replaced by other hot-swap switches easily without soldering. This feature can also extend the lifespan of the keyboard. You can customize the switch of different keys and easily change out the switches to have a completely different tactile experience.

85% PBT Dye-Sub Keycap

The KC84S Graphite Blue applies medium gray and turquoise blue color, not too flashy but easily eye-catching. As to ensure an impressive color scheme and enjoyable typing experience, the KC84S Graphite Blue applies high-quality PBT dye-sublimation technology. The keycap is more durable, anti-fade, oil-resistant, and stays true to color longer.

Macro recording &Customized RGB effects

With the software, you can customize the RGB effects massive lighting effects, and macro setting. (Driver download web in the product description part and manual.)

Compact TKL 84 Keys and Ergonomic NKRO

The compact 75 percent layout of KC84 Graphite Blue is more portable and ergonomic in nature compared to a standard full-size keyboard, no fatigue after long term use and 100% full anti-ghosting without conflict, enjoy the process without any obstacles.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
John Du
Very decent keyboard with slight issues

Was able to test this keyboard only recently as I was waiting for my PC parts to arrive. Everything worked excellent except when the keyboard is on wired mode. It was unresponsive and had so much stutter. After continuous checking and swapping parts I realized that the USB-C cable that came with my Yunzii KC84 was faulty.
I verified this when i swapped it with my own USB-C Charger for my phone and it worked excellently.

Ruben Berry
Thoccy out the boccy

Great keyboard, only been using it one day and already loving the feel and sound! Bluetooth functionality is good, RGB works great, form factor is perfect for my desk space. Great bang for buck here.

Giulia Garofalo
So cool

The keyboard is comfortable, nice material and very affordable in terms of cost.
I really love the rgb effects

Awesome Keyboard

My keyboard just arrived, and I'm really happy with the product, it looks nice, the switches are pretty good (I got the red switches),it works well and it arrived pretty fast!

Phil Watson

I'd spent quite some time researching ten-keyless keyboards before settling on this one and what can I say? I love it to bits. It's a shame this one is kind of hidden away, the wired equivalents are a lot easier to find but this one with a battery and bluetooth support is exactly what I was after. Specifically the ability to jump between computers with a keystroke, it's a real boon when working with multiple machines. I'd seen it advertised as supporting up to three stored devices but I can confirm that it does support up to five. I use this keyboard on Linux and Windows and both work flawlessly. Connecting and switching bluetooth is easy as.
From all the ten-keyless keyboards I looked at, this one has the best key layout in my opinion, including such programmer essentials as function keys and Home/End/Page Up/Page Down, and they're arranged in a way that matches my preferences.
I ordered this keyboard along with the SP-Red keycaps as seen on the wired KC-84 as I found the grey/blue combination rather uninspiring. The included swapping tools weren't the best, especially given they're metal and have the potential to scratch keykaps, but I have another plastic tool that I use anyway. I can't say I'm overly fussed about hot-swappable switches, especially as pulling keycaps often took the switches with them. The pins look like they could be quite delicate so I took particular care in replacing them and haven't encountered any problems.
Now I really love the SP-Red keycaps, so I'm grateful they were available to purchase separately although I would have preferred if they were an option on the bluetooth model.
Backlighting is fine, I don't really care too much for rainbow colours so tend to pick a solid colour or turn it off entirely. Unfortunately the keycaps (neither included and alternative set) allow the light to pass through them so you only see the light around the edges. I don't use my computer in the dark so it's not a problem for me.
Many of the keys have alternative functionality such as media controls and other features such as Win lock which stops the Windows key from doing anything (you're playing those frantic online games and the Windows menu pops up... oh no!) These are all documented on a neat little cheatsheet included with the keyboard, but it would have been nice to have them on the keycaps as well although admittedly that could make the keyboard look a little bit overly busy.
Don't let those negatives put you off though, this is a real fine keyboard that feels great to type on, packed with neat (somewhat hidden) features. A very happy customer here, I hope this keyboard lasts a long time.

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