YUNZII KC84 Pro Hot Swappable Mechanical Keyboard -White
YUNZII KC84 Pro Hot Swappable Mechanical Keyboard -White
YUNZII KC84 Pro Hot Swappable Mechanical Keyboard -White
YUNZII KC84 Pro Hot Swappable Mechanical Keyboard -White
YUNZII KC84 Pro Hot Swappable Mechanical Keyboard -White
YUNZII KC84 Pro Hot Swappable Mechanical Keyboard -White


YUNZII KC84 Pro Hot Swappable Mechanical Keyboard -White

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Switch:Gateron G Pro Black Switch

Custom Hot-swappable Switch

Unique to the KC84 Pro design is the combination of frosted translucent case and hot-swap capability. Hotswappable Gateron switch of KC84 Pro can be easily replaced by other 3 pins or 5 pins hotswap switches without soldering. You can customize the keyboard easily and change out the switches to have a completely different tactile experience.

Frosted Translucent Case & RGB Baclight

The 75% keyboard case is made out of frosted ABS material so the lights could shine through the case but not too dazzling. The keyboard has fully programmable RGB LEDs, 16.8 Million Color combinations , multiple backlit mode, which is designed to brighten up any space.

PBT Shine Through Keycaps

The keycaps of KC84 Pro applies top-grade 85% PBT material, which generally last longer than ABS equivalents. The translucent ledgends of the keycaps enhances RGB effect of each key.

Macro recording &Customized RGB effects

With the driver, you can customize the RGB effects massive lighting effects and macro setting. (Driver download web in the product description part and manual.)

Compact and Ergonomic

The KC84 Pro is suitable for all environment, Home & Office use, fits right in backpack. Less hand movement and space while still being able to access all the functionalists, including numbers and direction keys. Ergonomic design, no feel fatigue after long term use and 100% full anti-ghosting without conflict, enjoy the process without any obstacles.

Size of the keyboard




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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

The basic stabilizer condition and lubrication are very good. I bought it at a discount of $70, but I can buy it at around $50 if I buy it at Taobao. This keyboard is a north-facing LED PCB. However, it is surprising that there is no interference with Cherry Key Cap. There is a soft foam between the PCB and the steel plate, so the completeness of the keyboard is good, but there is no sound absorbing material at the bottom, so it is better to add a memory foam (5T).

Mattia Lepore

YUNZII KC84 Pro Hot Swappable Mechanical Keyboard 84-Key Gaming Keyboard with Translucent ABS Case, RGB Backlit for Mac/Win/Gamers -White

Excellent 84-key board

This keyboard has a beautiful aesthetic and it's really good value for all the features you're getting. Even has sound dampening foam between the PCB and mounting plate.

Alexade Eang

feels nice and sounds nice keep up the work!!

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