YUNZII Ajazz AC064 CNC Kit
YUNZII Ajazz AC064 CNC Kit
YUNZII Ajazz AC064 CNC Kit
YUNZII Ajazz AC064 CNC Kit
YUNZII Ajazz AC064 CNC Kit


YUNZII Ajazz AC064 CNC Kit

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CNC Anodized Aluminum Case

  • The AC064 kit comes with an aluminum Alloy body. The process of anodization gives the keyboard case a bette gloss and more sillky.

65% Hot-Swappable DIY Keyboard Kit

  • Ajazz AC064 Kit can be equipped with any 3 pins or 5 pins MX style switches, easily meet your different typing needs and customization fun.

3 Modes of Connection: Bluetooth 5.0 & 2.4GHz & Type-C Cable

  • Equipped with a 3000mAh battery and 2.4G wireless chip, this keyboard kit supports wireless and wired connections. In the wired mode, macro can be programmed easily through software.

Customized Gateron Steel Stabilizer

  • To improve the stability of large keys,customized Gateron steel stabilizers are mounted onto the AC064 kit. The upgraded stabilizers have been meticulously adjusted as to  reduce shaking, rattling, and tilting made by keystrokes.

RGB & Built-in Sound Dampening Foam

  • Multible RGB effects available. The custom foam is also added tp offer the best typing experience as well as to reduce the vibration and rattle.

Customer Reviews

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Lucas Versteegh
Perfect budget case

Is a very nice case, the only problem is the lack of space for modding te keyboard. I wasnt able to use normal and PE foam in the case. Some keys didnt work because of the little space. I suggest a screw in te middle of the plate to reduce the hight difference between te middle and te sides of the plate.




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